Marksin Agricultural has its own laboratories in each production centre, coordinated in turn by the Central Laboratory. Calibration is supervised by official bodies.

Regular physical, chemical and microbiological analyses and monitoring of GMOs and possible contaminants are performed, as well as other more complex analyses on request and as a service to customers.

R&D&I is in constant contact with universities, government institutions and international laboratories, to anticipate legal requirements and respond to customers’ future needs and concerns.


All the production centres have a HACCP (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points) system in place, making it possible to identify specific hazards and measures to control them, with the aim of ensuring that our products are harmless to the feeds and animals they are intended for. This control system, which is under constant review, complies with EC regulations and responds to the requirements of the most demanding customers.

Marksin Agricultural`s commitment to constant improvement also leads it to introduce new procedures and certifications, such as GMP + Feed, and to make a series of improvements on quality and safety issues in agricultural production, manufacture, storage and transport


Marksin Agricultural’s Quality system guarantees the total traceability of its products, without a shadow of a doubt, at any stage of production, from the reception of raw materials to manufacture and storage, right up to delivery at the final destination, whether domestic or international, by land or sea transport.