Cuttlefish Bone.

Cuttle fish bone

Cuttlefish Bone     refers to the internal cartilaginous shell of the cuttlefish, a relative of the squid and octopus. Cuttlefishs bone is typically smooth and white, with small, wavy lines or ridges.

The shell is rich in minerals such as calcium and carbon, and contains more than a dozen amino acids.

It is usually boiled, then dried and prepared as a powder for herbal remedies.

Type: bone
Use: bird
Admixture (%): 1%max
Moisture (%): 5% Max
Grade: Top Grade
Packaging: 25kg/bag, carton
Place of Origin: Ukraine
Brand Name: Cuttlefish Bone
Model Number: 2021
Product name: Cuttlefish Bone
Application: Bird Fish Chicken Dog
Color: Natural Colors

specification :

fist Grades 1                : 5 – 10 cm

Grade 2                : 10 – 15 cm

Grade 3                : 15 cm up

Style                      : dried, cleaned

Moisture             : 10 % max

Broken: 5% max

Trimmed or not trimmed

Clean by hydrogen peroxide

Dried cuttlefish bone

A cuttlebone is not actually a bone, but rather the internal shell of the Cuttlefish, a small, squid-like cephalopod.

Cuttlefish, the cuttlebone is filled with gasses and helps control the fish’s buoyancy in the water.

While for years people have harvested and used cuttlebones for various purposes.

the most widely recognized use of the cuttlebone is as a supplement and exercise toy for birds.

Liver and Stomach meridians.


Cuttlefish Bones

Its functions are to stop bleeding harmonize the stomach and improve kidney deficiency.

Some patients with stomach problems may take it to combat acid reflux disease and some intestinal disorders. Topically, cuttlefish bone can be used as a poultice to treat skin rashes ulcers and lesions.

Cuttlefish Bones have a grainy texture, reminiscent of pumice.

texture can also offer benefits to parrots as it is helpful in wearing down overgrown beaks.


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Dried cuttlefish bone

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