Aluminum bricks


Origin point : Ukraine
Shape : Brick
Material : Aluminous block
SiO2 content (%) : 0.3-15
Al2O3 content (%) : 48% -85%
MgO content (%) : 0.8-1.2
CaO content (%) : 0.01
Refractoriness (degree) : Common (1580 ° <Refractoriness <1770 °)
CrO content (%) : 0.1 ~ 0.3%
Content of Sic (%) : 1.2-1.4
Type Number : LZ-48/55/65/75/80
Brand name : Aluminum bricks
Raw material : Al2O3
Certificate : ISO 9001
Apparent porosity : 22
Fe2O3 : 2% Max
Advantage : thermal shock resistance
Cold Crushing Strength (Mpa) : 44.1
Refractoriness : 1770
Refractoriness Under Load : 1470
reheating linear change : 1450 * 2h +0.1 -0.4

Packing details:
in strong wooden pallets for shipment


Brick Introduction Fireclay brick is made of clay clinker by mixing, forming, drying, sintering and matching characterized by good corrosion and abrasion resistance, good thermal shock resistance, good spelling resistance, high mechanical strength, good volume stability at high temperature.
Application of Terracotta Bricks
Low porosity clay bricks can be applied to steel, non-ferrous metals, glass, cement, ceramics, pertrifaction, machinery, boiler, light industry, electric power, war industry and d ‘other economic deposited, which is the indispensable material base to ensure above production and technological development It plays an incomparably important role in the development of high temperature industrial production.

Rongsheng Fireclay Refractory Brick Technical Data

SK-32 Fireclay Brick
SK-34 Fireclay Brick
SK-36 Fireclay Brick
AI2O3 (%)
Fe2O3 (%)
Refractoriness (SK)
Refractoriness under load, 0.2MPa, Ta, ((° C)
Porosity (%)
Bulk density (g / cm³)
Cold crushing strength (MPa)
Thermal expansion at 1000 ° C (%)
Packaging product
The bricks are packed on a wooden pallet with papers in each layer and PP film wrapped on the outside of the entire pallet.

Our products meet the standards, such as ASTM, ASME, AMS, DIN, JIS Etc.
Third party testing is all available to us.

We bring high quality alumina bricks, which is manufactured to meet the requirement of neutral refractoriness where the safe working temperature is over 1300 degree centigrade. We offer high alumina bricks in different specification according to customer’s requirement.


Packaging of alumina magnesium carbon bricks
1.on wooden pallets with plastic cover: wooden pallet size: 930 * 930 or 1000 * 1000mm,
2.Load weight of each pallet: 1.5-2.0 tons,
3.230 * 114 * 65mm: 512PCS / Pallet, 230 * 114 * 75mm: 448PCS / Pallet.



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