Dehydrated Alfalfa

//Dehydrated Alfalfa
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Definition: Ensiled dehydrated corn forage with pieces of corn, chopped and baled at the factory.

Uses: afood for dairy cattle and ruminants, an essential energy input in every diet.

Format: In bulk.

Producto Proteína SMS Humedad FAD FND VRF
Alfalfa Extra Min 18% Máx. 12% Máx. 32% Máx. 40% 150-170
 Alfalfa 1st Class

Min 18%

 Máx 12% Máx 35%  Máx 44%  130-150
 Alfalfa Standard  Min 16%  Máx 12%  Máx 35%  Máx 44%  110-130


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