Buy Strawberry Ice Cream Powder ,Strawberry Ice Cream Powder For Sale

Ice cream powder not only makes the ice cream feeling in the mouth similar .
Kentucky and MDonald even surmount them but also reduces the cost of
producing ice cream.
It has particular effect in food making and processing and it’s also a kind of modern food.

It can be made with low fat medium fat and high fat according to different clients


Strawberry Ice Cream Powder



CAS No.: ice cream powder
Other Names: soft serve ice cream powder
MF: soft ice cream powder
EINECS No.: ice cream powder mix
FEMA No.: ice cream powder
Place of Origin: Europe /Ukraine
Type: Emulsifiers, Flavoring Agents, Stabilizers, Thickeners, Other
Brand Name: ice cream powder
kind: mix in advance

Strawberry Ice Cream Powder For Sale

The product can improve the inner structure of food and increase fragrance and fat to taste exquisite
tender and milky.

The product can also be used in fast-dissolved cornmeal, cakes, and biscuits etc.

To make the structure of cakes exquisite and increase flexibility and to make biscuits
increase crisp character and lose oil uneasily.

Due to its fast dissoluble character and strong milk smell it can replace milk powder or reduce milk quantity in food processing.

Application :
Coffee drink, Bubble tea, Milk , Creamy drink, Fast- dissolved milk powder, Ice cream, Instant cornmeal, Seasoning of fast food, Bread, Biscuits, Bechamel, Chocolates, Rice flour and cream, etc.

1.Cut down the cost.
2.Increase creamy taste and the milk is just milky, so we make food good taste.
3.Shelf life: 12 Months under normal temperature and sealed.
4.Storage: Keep in shade, dry and well ventilated place
5.Packing:1kg/bag or 25kg/bag
6.Delivery Detail:15 days after contract

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