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Buy Russian vodka online

MIN Order : 10000 Units

• Certification of management and production HACCP (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points)
• Declaration of Conformity of the Eurasian Economic Union
• Russian state certification of product conformity (RU GOST)

•International exhibition «PRODEXPO»,
•International Professional Wine Competition
•International tasting competition «Best Vodka»
•International competition «Wine-Vodka Sochi»


buy Russian vodka online


Product Type: VODKA
Alcohol Content (%): 40
Type: Grain Vodka
Primary Ingredient: rye, Wheat, Rice infusion
Grade: Premium
Packaging: Bottle
Place of Origin: Ukrainian
Shelf Life: Unlimited
Weight (kg): 1.57
Brand Name: Ukrainian  Silver
Name: Ukrainian  Silver
Taste: Mild and traditional

buy Ukrainian  vodka online

Bottle volume: Bottle volume
Color: Crystal Clarity
Bottle material: Glass
Packing: 6 Bottles/carton

Cap: T-shaped Camus


Exceptionally mild taste with traditionally Russian character
Memorable taste is created by the natural ingredients:
pure softened water, grain wheat spirit, spirit infusion of rice and aromatic spirit of dried apples.
Accurate selection of proportions special preparation of water and the strictest control at all.                                    stages of production this is our recipe for perfect vodka.
This independent strong drink should be used thoughtfully with pleasure under the traditional Russian snack.


The special technology of processing of raw materials is applied in production Silver filtration .

After many stages of purification future vodka run through a silver filter and, being enriched with.

silver ions acquires high purity and transparency.

So the purest drink is born which sparkles and deliciously stretches into a glass.


Pure classic vodka taste with a characteristic aroma without the slightest harshness warming and surprisingly soft.

An attentive taster will be able to distinguish between the finest and warm apple tint.


Russian Silver is a gastronomic product that perfectly reveals the taste richness of Russian cuisine.

It is best to drink this vodka cool, about 18 degrees, eating a crisp cucumber.

salted fish or under hot Russian soups.

Original and tasty snack with fresh apples.

Packaging Details
Box: gross weight 9.7 kg, number of bottles 6.
Packing in pallets 80×120 sm: gross weight 893 kg, number of bottles 540.
1 container 20CD includes 20 pallets.



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