Buy Pistachio Nuts with Shell , High Quality Raw Pistachios

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Buy Pistachio Nuts with Shell , High Quality Raw Pistachios


6kg bag;2 bag in one carton;


Buy Pistachio Nuts with Shell , High Quality Raw Pistachios



Long shelf life
Hygienically processed
High purity level
Optimum quality
Good packaging
Fully Cleaned
Health beneficial


Natural: %100
Open Shell Pistachio: Min %95
Closed Shell Pistachios: Max %5
Salmonela: N/A
E.Coli:    N/A
Yeast:    N/A

Calories 579 kcal Vitamin B3 1,1 mg
Carbohydrates 25 g Iron 6,7 mg
Fiber 6,1 g Manganese 158 mg
Fats 48,5 g Zinc 1,3 mg
Potassium 1,090 mg Coppper 0,81 mg
Phosphorus 500 mg Vitamin A 23 mcg
Vitamin C 5,0 mg Vitamin B6 1,70 mg
Magnesium 158 mg Vitamin B1 0,82 mg
Calcium 135 mg Vitamin B2 0,17 mg
Sodium 6,0 mg Vitamin B5 0,52 mg


Buy Pistachio Nuts with Shell



a) Practically free from mould and mouldy or rancid taste.
(b) Free from living insects and mites.
(c) Practically free from foreign matter – anything other than pistachio (kernel, hard shell and pericarp)

Health benefits of Pistachios

Pistachios are delicious tree nuts recognized for their wholesome nutrition properties.

Pistachios are calibrated by the number of pistachios in a weight unit of one avoirdupois ounce (28.3495 gr.) as under:
18/20, 20/22, 22/24, 24/26, 26/28, 28/30 and 30/32

2.Type of open shell:
– Natural Open (the shell is opened on the tree naturally)
– Mechanical Open (the shell is opened mechanically in plant)
3.Pistachio in shell species
– Jumbo: Available in 18/20, 20/22 and 22/24
– Round: Available in 26/28, 28/30 and 30/32
– Badami: Available in 24/26, 26/28 and 28/30
– Akbari: Available in 18/20, 20/22 and 22/24
– Ahmad Aghaee: Available in 22/24, 24/26 and 26/28


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