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beet pulp for sale,Buy Beet Pulp Online in Europe

bulk in 20″(40″) containers
22 Tons / One 20″ container 


beet pulp for sale


Being a well-established organization, we are engaged in offering a distinguished range of Sugar Beet Pulp.


  • Rich in digestible fiber
  • Safe packaging
  • Precisely processed

1.Specification of SBPP:
-Moisture – 14 % max.
-Protein content -8 %
– Sugar content -8 % max.
– Ash – 7 % max.
– Longines of Pellets – 20-60 mm


Place of origin Ukraine
Brand name Sugar beet pulp pallet
Model number Granulated
Color Grey
Moisture Max, 12%
Protein Max, 10%
Free from molasses 0%
Pellets size 8mm +
Broken pellet Max, 10%
Type Animal feed




Buy Beet Pulp Online in Europe


ntroduction of sugar beet pulp pellet

1.Raw materials are such as corn,bran,grass,maize stalk,rice straw.etc

2.Stable performance,high output,and low consumption.Easy for maintance,easy operation.

3.The whole body with strong structure,the flat-die and rollers is wear-resisting,heat-resistant,alloy steel

4.Pellet healthy and long strage,as high molding rate,high density,high heat.

5.The diameter is from 4-6mm,can make according to customers’ need by adjust the distance between knivies and die to adjust the pellet diameter.


Parameters of sugar beet pulp pellet



Product name Model Power(kw) Yield(t/h) Pellet diameter(mm)
Feedstuff Energy





sugar beet pulp pellet







ZLPM120 3 fine0.07-0.1crude 50%


0.01-0.03 4-6
ZLPM150 7.5 fine0.1-0.3crude50%


0.02-0.05 4-6
ZLPM200 11 fine0.3-0.5crude50%


0.05-0.1 4-6
ZLPM250 15 fine0.4-0.7crude50%


0.1-0.3 4-6
ZLPM280 22 fine0.5-0.8crude50%


0.2-0.4 4-8
ZLPM300 30/22 fine0.6-1crude50%


0.3-0.5 4-8
ZLPM2-350 37 0.6-1 4-10
ZLPM2-450 45 1-1.5 4-10




Pellets of sugar beet pulp pellet

*Animal feeds

1.Pelletized feed takes up much less storage space

2.Pelletized feed can be stored for longer and with less wastage

3.You determine what you feed your animals and in what ratio

4.Eliminates selective feeding habits

5.Better handling properties and a cleaner product

6.Feed can be transported more easily

7.Reduces respiratory disease in animals due to dust inhalation

8.Pelletized fees have a 145% higher conversion ratio

9.Better results with growth in animals

10.Decrease wastage of lose feed by up to 30% when pelleted


beet pulp for sale


Packaging Details
bulk in 20″(40″) containers
22 Tons / One 20″ container
Lead Time : Shipped in 0 days after payment


Our Vision

Important to realize beet pulp is want of the animal feed using all the time Worldwide.

another key point beet are very good to use in Poultry .

first thing to remember when you are using this pulp feed is 100% free .
most compelling evidence anti-foaming agents and meets all ISO 22000 requirements.

must be remembered sugar beet are fit for to us to all feed Poultry .
point often overlooked products and we will offer at a very good price as our prices are 100% good to all market.

to point out Our Company is a prestigious company with a good reputation to suit all customer`s across the world.

on the positive side we look forward to providing good quality products and we will offer at a very good price.

with this in mind our product are very good worldwide .

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